Solutions for a Sustainable & Humane Future

When addressing sustainability, we need to acknowledge the relationship between our communities’ environment, health, and disparities. Everything is intertwined, leading to a cause-and-effect motion throughout our ecosystem. Our episodes feature interviews with a range of experts who share solutions to these issues prevalent in today’s world. From tackling environmental issues to racial equity to building a more sustainable post-pandemic world, each episode will highlight what we can do to progress and implement real, sustainable change to preserve the planet and build a better future.


Building Resilient Infrastructure
Why We Need Resilient Infrastructure with Martin Lagod
Martin is an entrepreneur and investor who worked as an intellectual property attorney in Silicon Valley for over 30 years. These days, he is a “Resiliency Investor,” who believes we need to prepare our infrastructure for the impacts of climate change and in doing so, become efficient and thriving as the world changes around us.
Children Vs Climate Crisis
Children Vs Climate Crisis with Raina Ivanova and Iris Duquesne
Both young women are named as Petitioners in the “Children vs. Climate Crisis” petition, filed with the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child. In total there are 16 young people from around the world who submitted this groundbreaking legal complaint.
Amory Lovins - Cofounder of Rocky Mountain Institute
Energy Efficiency for a Healthy World with Amory Lovins Amory Lovins is an American writer, physicist, and the Chairman/Chief Scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute. He has written on energy policy and related areas for four decades. He promotes energy efficiency and renewable energy sources as well as the generation of energy at or near where the energy will be used. He has been named by Time magazine as one of the World’s 100 most influential people.
Earth 2.0 - IOFF
Saving Oceans with the Power of Film with Ana Blanco
The International Ocean Film Festival (IOFF) has a mission: to save our oceans one film at a time. Ana Blanco is the Executive Director of the festival. Prior to joining 2011, Ana had over 10 years of experience in executive nonprofit management at various organizations in the Bay Area. The IOFF opens viewers’ minds and hearts to how precious our oceans are and what actions we must take to protect them.
Building Eco Villages
Building a Sustainable Future through Eco-villages with James Ehrlich
James is the founder of ReGen Village which builds sustainable, yet high-tech communities that will grow most of their own food and generate most, if not all, of their own power. The 100-family villages will combine modern comforts with regenerative agriculture, aquaponics, and at the same time, allow villagers to return to a simpler, agrarian life. Ehrlich believes these villages are the model for regenerative 21st-century living.
Reversing Global Warming
Restoring Global Systems with Stephen Fern.
After a career at Arthur Andersen, Stephen Fern established a Financial Education Business. After selling the business in 1999 he went on to establish a private network of global business families with a mission to align wealth with values. In October 2018 he established Ark2030 to build a global collaboration to end the climate crisis.
Learning From Our Fire Failures with Lawrence J. McQuillan Lawrence poses the theory that we have “overprotected” our forests and wildlands in California, allowing huge underbrush growth. As a result, every fire season is more devastating. Mr. McQuillan is an Economist, Senior Research Fellow at the Independent Institute, and Director of the Center on Entrepreneurial Innovation.

Racial Equity

Re-allocating resources to serve communities
Reallocating Resources to Serve Communities with Robbie Powelson
Robbie is an activist dedicated to fighting inequity and white supremacy through the process of restructuring affluent and exclusive cities in the Bay Area.  As director of the Alliance for Equitable Community Restructuring (AECR), he is building a movement to break the barriers that dominant groups and exclusive communities use to hoard power. 
Standing Up to Racial Profiling with Love and Fashion with Yema Khalif and Hawi Awash
Yema and Hawi opened their clothing store to bring color, vibrance, and a new sense of style to Tiburon, CA. When the local police department interrupted their business one night because of “suspicious activity”, they asserted their rights as business owners, and the community at large came together to have their backs, and demonstrate that systematic racism will not stand.
Protecting Black Non-Binary People - Eli Berry-St John
Protecting Black Non-Binary People with Eli Berry St John
Eli is a community organizer, working with Black trans-led initiatives invested in learning and helping create tools for community building and survival. As the Social Media Manager with TGI Justice Project, Eli is dedicated to aiding engagement in social conversation around the fight to abolish the prison industrial complex thinking beyond the binary.

COVID-19 Tech Solutions

Contact Tracing
Bluetooth The New Internet with Micha Benoliel
Micha is the CEO and Co-Founder of Nodle.io, a privacy-first, decentralized wireless network for connecting IoT devices to the internet, and Coalition Network, a non-profit foundation that provides open-source, secure contact tracing solutions for governments, universities, and organizations to integrate into their health system to protect global citizens during the current COVID-19 crisis and future pandemics. 
COVID-19 tracking solutions
Holding to Digital Privacy with Alan Chiu
Alan is CEO of Enya and has more than 20 years of experience building and investing in enterprise startups. In addition to his role at Enya, Alan serves on the Stanford Graduate School of Business Alumni Board and the board of Stanford Angels and Entrepreneurs as Co-President.

Networking to Build Stronger Communities

Conflict Transformation
Conflict Transformation with Rangineh Azimzadeh Tosang
Rangineh, Founder of Solh Resolutions International is a Professional Facilitator who works with organizations to assist them is “transforming” conflicts they may be experiencing. As people shelter at home during the great pandemic of 2020, Rangineh believes they will find deeper value in relationships and listen to their hearts more.
Lemon Aide Project
Helping People in Need with Shannon Parkhurst
Shannon was expecting her baby, and she was not able to find the services she needed. As a result, she founded Lemon Aide Project, a nonprofit dedicated to helping people in dire situations with services and funding. Shannon proves that one person can make a difference!
How to find your own path in life
How to Find Your Own Path in Life with Robin Kincade
Robin is the owner of Kincade Productions, LLC. She is a Location Professional, Media Producer and Photographer. She has developed a simple yet powerful process to help people tune in and understand who they really are, look at jobs that pertain to what they like, and then commit to take the steps to get there. Robin teaches and mentors people on how to break into the film and television industry.