Earth 2.0

About Us

Building Sustainable Future


Earth 2.0 is a visionary show, consisting of short format discussions with thought leaders from around the world who are creating solutions and best practices to build a kinder and more sustainable post-pandemic world.  We discuss social justice as well as environmental issues. We focus on ways to take action – everything from directly helping those in need to grassroots or global political campaigns. From new technologies that will serve to strengthen us, to ways we can conserve and rebuild whole ecosystems.


The Earth has found powerful ways to get humanity’s attention through a series of geological, meteorological, and biological crises. We need a true paradigm shift in how we live to avoid a continued succession of catastrophes. But these global impacts we have experienced have sparked a powerful upsurge of creativity in people around the world. As a result, there is a wealth of new ideas and solutions being generated.

It is these grassroots alternatives that will build the groundswell we need to upend to status quo in a peaceful manner and move humanity forward towards a sustainable way of life. We are truly poised at the precipice of a new renaissance for humanity.

The shift can be incremental, but to truly create a safer and productive future, we cannot go back to “business as usual.” This does not mean we abandon the notion of business altogether. Rather, it is possible to begin building a world that is sustainable, balanced, yet prosperous.


Our guests are people who have been thinking about and developing constructive alternatives to build a cleaner, compassionate, healthier and sustainable planet.

The show is hosted by Anita Casalina, owner and CEO of San Francisco Media Group in San Francisco. Anita was the founder of the Billions Rising Foundation and host of their television show. She also hosted shows for World Changers Entertainment.

Personal Choice

Human beings must wake up to the impact of their choices. We examine the power of personal choice and what the reverberations around the globe are. What choices can be made to shift the crises we are facing?


Earth 2.0 is solution-driven, and each segment will offer Calls to Action.

We will apply the concept of “aim towards, rather than away from,” so that we offer hope, rather than reciting the myriad of problems we face. These solutions and alternative pathways will automatically imply the issues they seek to correct.